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More information about the property renovation/modernisation projects list.

We have created bespoke software that trawls the two largest property portals in the UK, namely RightMove and Zoopla to discover the latest property renovation & modernisation projects that are new to the market. We then compile those renovation opportunities into a list and present it to list subscribers every week. Subscribers are then free to click through each property to get further details of the property renovation project.

This process, if you had to do it manually yourself, would literally take you days or weeks. Therefore access to this list not only saves you a great deal of time, it also puts you in a prime position to act fast on property renovation/modernisation projects new to the market.

We have made a substantial investment in creating the bespoke software to scan the above property portals (and also other websites we think viable) and therefore have to charge our subscribers a small monthly fee (normally £6 per month, but we are currently running a Special 50% Discount Offer @ £3 per month) to receive full unrestricted access to the list. However, as we are confident that you will find the list useful, time-saving and potentially very profitable, we offer a 2 week trial to the full unrestricted list so that you can judge its usefulness before paying the monthly fee. Obviously you can also cancel your subscription at any time, including during the 2 week trial, and therefore not be charged anything at all.

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