Best Renovations & Home Improvements – Best 8 Things to Do

Best home improvements

So what are the best home improvements and renovations that you can make to add value and desirability to your home?

According to a recent YouGov poll aimed at UK homeowners, the answer is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a new kitchen.

Here are the full results.

  1. New kitchen (22%)
  2. Garden makeover (20%)
  3. New bathroom (16%)
  4. Property extension (10%)
  5. Loft conversion (7%)
  6. Conservatory (5%)
  7. Home office (1%)
  8. Other/none (19%)

Renovation works can be something as small as repainting the interior and exterior walls of your property, or as complex as a new extension or loft conversion.

Read how a new or updated kitchen will add value to your property in Part 3.