How Do I Find a Property to Renovate?

If you are looking for a property to renovate in the area you live in then your main focus should be on local estate agents. Your local estate agents will of course have details about properties for sale in your area, including properties that require some renovation works.

You can also conduct your own research on RightMove and Zoopla. Once you have searched you can then arrange your search results list with the cheapest properties at the top as it is likely that properties that require a degree of renovation will be the cheapest. Although having said that, a large 5 bedroom house that requires some work will obviously be more expensive than a 2 bedroom house in good condition, so do look through all the properties listed.

Now if you are willing to take on a property renovation project further afield then you can still use RightMove and Zoopla, but carrying out searches in several different areas will take time and effort. A far better method would be to use a service such as the one provided by this website. We created bespoke software which searches RightMove, Zoopla and On The Market which finds renovation projects available all over the UK which we then present to our subscribers in a weekly list sent via email. That service is also completely free. For more information and to subscribe to receive the weekly list see the home page.